Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan refugees weave these in Nepal using natural and vegetable wools; contempoary and traitidional designs are finely woven.

Additionally we have 40-50 unique designs ranging from 2x4 to 9x12. Ask us for pictures of rugs that meet your color and size needs- better still and come see us. Also see other Tibetan rugs onur Oriental page.

An example of a 100 knot Tibetan design that can be made any size and in any two colors of your choosing.

Another design, size and colors of your choosing.

Tibetan village folk rugs come in various sizes - every rug depicts a village scene and is a unique pattern. These are native vegetable dyes so the color palette is as above. Call us with your desires and we can send pictures of rugs in your size range. Please note 6x9 and 8x10 are rare.

 Shown  4x6  $1150


 Paws, any size and color on special order - as shown 4x6 $1875

Leaves also can be specially ordered in any size and any color.  

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