Our tapestry wall hangings are mostly individual pieces woven by well known artists.

Call them what you will, we have many textiles that make fine wall art; not only will a wall piece mute sound echos and warm your spaces, they will do this at much less cost than a painting. In addition to pure tapestries we have many rugs suitable for hanging on a wall. The great variety of sizes, colors and designs makes it difficult to picture more than a few.

Call us with your ideas (781-894-7603).

Winter Sunday 2x3.4
Zebra Fish 2.6x3.8
Seaside 1.4x2
Iris Blossoms 2.6x4
Sunflowers 4x4.10
original tapestry from Lesotho
Harania (Egypt) Village Scene 4x6.8 $525 - (also use as rug)

Water Bearers - (Old Tibetan) 2.4x3.6 $250 Birds and Fish 2x5
handmade in Peru
Old Tibetan "Moghul" 3.2x3.11

Crocuses 2.3x4.10
original piece by noted American artist Mary Lyn O'Shea
Sheep 2.2x3.8
reproduction of antique tapestry
Birds 4.3x5.5
antique tapestry reproduction
Satyrs 4.10x6.10
Aubusson weaving - also can be floor rug
 Floral Vase 4x6
$1590 Aubusson weave
rug useable  also
Escher "Bird" design 3x4.5
made in Mexico

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