Hooked Rugs

Our collection  includes the jaunty Vermont rugs hooked for decades by the McAdoo family; Amish rugs based on designs gathered by the Society for Preservation of New Engliand Antiquities, and other wonderful hand-hooked rugs discovered on our excursions to rural Maine.

We also have 30 to 40 hand tufted Chinese hooked rugs ( not pictured ) sizes 3x5 to 4x6 , all under  $150.

Shoes 2x3.4
Vegtable dye - homespun wool

One of the last McAdoo rugs from Vermont.

(Martha's Vineyard, Mass) 2.3x4.8

original McAdoo hand hook

artist design
hooked in China 2x3  
Hooked Rugs Hooked Rugs
Rabbit  3x5  $175
We have many other designs in
3x5 hooked rugs, similarly priced.
We also have smaller and larger
in various designs - please inquire.
Priscilla Turner
( a company now sadly out of business)
Floral  3x5 

Another PT 3x5 
a fine stitch copy of a rumanian design
 PT #306 
Criss Cross  4.6x6 

PT 204  Kashmir 4x6 

PT #204  4x6  Rose Squares 


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