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About Decor International Rugs
Decor International Rugs offers a unique collection of hand woven area rugs, tapestries, kilims, and decorative accessories . We have a broad range of Sardinian, Tunisian, Polish, and Romanian rugs. We offer Tribal, Gabbehs, Aubussons, old and new Orientals, Sumac rugs and more. Our rugs are hand woven and almost all use handspun wools and natural dyes.  All of our rugs are selected for aesthetic excellence and fine quality.

Founded 50 years ago on Newbury St. in Boston, Decor International is still under the same management.  We are now acting as private dealers; we have some 500 + rugs in stock for immediate delivery. Most of our items are one of a kind and we cannot put all on the web. Give us a call ; our direct line is 781-894-7603 ;we would enjoy talking with you about your interests.

Feel free to browse some of our rugs, tapestries, and kilims in our online gallery! It's a small sample of what we offer. And email us with any questions at info@decorinternationalrugs.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

We can send pictures of rugs  in the right size and colors to fit your needs. Any rug can be sent prepaid UPS and is considered on trial. Please call us within 48 hours to let us know how it works in your home. If it has to be returned you will receive full credit of your payment upon receipt back here. Custom orders are non cancelable; payment of 1/2 on order, balance to be charged upon delivery.

Afghan Rugs
Afghan refugees weaving in camps in Pakistan are creating truly exquisite rugs. The variations in the vegetable dyed hand woven wools lend a subtlety to these rugs and evoke comparisons to fine antique Persian carpets, and yet they're affordable. Designs range from formal patterns to handsome geometric tribals.

Oriental Rugs
What has not already been said about Oriental rugs that is not available in 100 books . Our selections have been carefully chosen to be distinctive, mainly of homespun wools and vegetable dyes. Many are antique reproductions that are sometimes indistinguishable from the real ones.

Polish Rugs
We pioneered Polish rugs and tapestries in the USA. They are a product of the peasant weaving in the Tatra mountains; again all natural wools and dyes. Now with industrialization the weavers are leaving the villages, hence supply  is limited. We still have a good selection of small and mid size pieces,and a few larger 6x9, 8x10 etc. We expect that they will become collector items.

Rugs from Romania
These rugs are especially made for us in their traditional floral patterns, featuring coloration better suited for American homes. Unfortunately these may be our last imports as Romania too has entered the global economy and the weavers have opted for higher paying factory jobs.

Flat woven, often reversible , kelims were the original form of rug weaving. The best are still village or tribal rugs made from homespun wools and vegetable dyes. Less formal (hence less expensive) than their knotted Oriental cousins, they come in many sizes.

Please contact us with any questions you may have; call 781-894-7603 leave me a message and I will return your call, or give us as much information e.g. size, colors, preferences etc. on our webmail listed above; info@decorinternationalrugs.com

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